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Elevate your patient care.

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SGDM dentist

We’re more than dentists – we’re supportive, caring, and collaborative partners to growth.

South Georgia Dental Management is a premier dental practice management group with a deep commitment to supporting dentists and their patients.

Owned and led by dentists – and under the guidance of a highly credentialed and experienced clinical advisory board – our practices thrive. Commit to 100% care, accelerated growth, and industry-leading clinical excellence with SGDM.

SGDM Dentist

Transforming smiles – and practices – every day, together.

Supporting dental practices is part of our DNA – we’re dentists, too. Our dental community develops long-lasting relationships with patients and practitioners alike.

Our approach is simple – consider it our take on Southern hospitality. We deliver the highest quality dental services and the practice management resources to support partnership, clinical autonomy, and a secure future for our dentists. And we do it all without sacrificing an ounce of our passion for patient care.

Partner with Us

Our unique structure gives us the resources, connections, and acumen to bring your practice to the next level of care. There are plenty of reasons to partner with South George Dental Management:

SGDM is proud to be a proactive partner to all of our dentists. Our equity program provides deep benefits for practice owners, such as accelerated value realization. Get financial peace of mind while partnering in extraordinary growth.

Our professional community empowers physicians to enhance their financial well-being while delivering an elevated level of patient care. With SGDM, doctors can avoid financial and operational minutiae and focus on what matters most—their patients.

Creating transformative growth is in our DNA. Backed by our clinical advisory board, SGDM invests in the technology and equipment that our doctors need to stay on the cutting edge of the dental industry.

Gain access to a wealth of professional support and resources, a depth of industry expertise, proven best practices, and the capital to expand into additional markets. Together, we celebrate successes, collaborate, and inspire continued professional growth.

Grow and “future-proof” your practice without giving up control. Our doctors remain clinically autonomous while tapping into the resources to bring their practice to the next level of growth and innovation.

“Partnering with SGDM has been a game-changer for me”

I love that they are dentist-led and that they hold the doctor-patient relationship sacred. I’m able to focus on delivering exceptional patient care and SGDM takes care of the rest.

Chris Clance, DMD

Reidsville Family Dentistry

Dr. Brian Beaudreau

“Especially helpful during the COVID-19 pandemic”

While I still maintain a leadership role in the office, much of the daily stress is gone. SGDM provides the resources necessary to keep the business running.

Brian Beaudreau, DMD, MBA

Towne Lake Dental Group

Dr. Kyle W. Hollis

“Their model is innovative and gives me independence”

Partnering with South Georgia Dental Management allows the opportunity to continue to be clinically independent but confident in knowing you have the support of a team.

Kyle W. Hollis, DMD, FMIII, DICOI

Claxton Family Dentistry