We are dentists first & foremost

As dedicated practitioners, our mission is to develop long-lasting relationships with the patients in our communities by delivering dental care that goes above and beyond expectations. As a premier dental practice management group, our mission expands to maximize the professional dental experience. We nurture proactive, collaborative partnerships with doctors, creating a community of ownership, efficiency, and guidance to innovate the industry – together.

Our vision is simple, yet profound

Each day, we aim to provide:


Elevated standards of patient care to the highest quality.


Renewed efficiency in an environment where doctors can focus solely on their craft.


Full ownership, enabling long-lasting and fruitful partnerships.


Deep innovation with resources, acumen, and support to help practices expand and enhance financial well-being.


Expert guidance through advanced technology, ongoing learning, and sharing of best practices.

Our values


Our mission is to help you thrive by providing the resources, best practices, and guidance to take your practice to new heights.

Clinical Autonomy

Dental practices remain independent while tapping into the full support, advisement, and resources of our clinical advisory board.

Best Practices

Passion for quality, excellence, and care is at our core – from the patients we treat to the dentists we partner with. We elevate our standards to the highest quality.


We spark growth by investing in key emerging technologies and equipment, encouraging ongoing learning, and maintaining a strong network of proven dental professionals.

Secure Future

Our dental practices are “future-proof,” thriving and experiencing dynamic growth.